For suppliers

X5 Group is interested in maximising collaboration and is always ready to consider partnership proposals from suppliers and manufacturers. With its customers in mind, X5 is committed to introducing new top-quality products at market prices.

How to become an X5 Group supplier

More detailed information, including the terms and conditions for the selection of suppliers and the contact details of X5 Group employees specialising in supplier partnerships, is available in the Policy on Working with Suppliers of Goods Intended for Sale at X5 Group’s Retail Stores, as well as on the Submit an Offer and Contact a Procurement Officer pages. The current supply contract terms and conditions, appendices and additional agreements are available on the Supply Contract Terms and Conditions page. 

The Company also carries out procurement tenders – an additional sales channel used by producers and packing companies.

Additional materials

X5 has developed Sustainability Recommendations, as well as informational material for partners and suppliers that provide a general overview of sustainability as well as X5’s strategic goals in this area, programmes, recommendations and examples of possible partnerships. 

Quality control

In order to guarantee millions of customers quality goods every day, X5 continuously monitors the quality of products at all stages of operations and communicates with suppliers and government agencies. To learn more about X5 Group’s quality control, see the Quality page.

The Useful Information and Technical Regulations page provides technical regulations, explanations and answers to the most difficult questions related to the quality of goods.

X5 Group is always ready to discuss new partnership formats for supplying the Company’s stores with fruits and vegetables. Details and documents can be found on the Purchasing Fruits and Vegetables page.

Please be aware

All communication with potential or existing partners is carried out by representatives of X5 Group (including the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Chizhik retail formats and other company divisions) exclusively from official Company email addresses using the domain and in the form ofоменной зоне и имеют вид

Be careful to check the sender’s address when receiving emails from people claiming to be X5 employees. The names of large companies are being used more frequently for fraudulent purposes. In the event that an email from an X5 representative comes from an email address with a different domain, or if you have any doubts about its legitimacy, please contact the hotline for suppliers.

Attention! Neither X5 Group employees nor third parties have the right to demand material compensation from suppliers for the conclusion of a supply contract or other services. In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, be sure to contact the hotline for suppliers and law enforcement if you receive such an offer.