13 June 2023

Х5 services added to X5 Club joint loyalty programme

Moscow, 13 June 2023 – X5 Group (“X5” or the “Company”, LSE and MOEX ticker: FIVE), a leading Russian food retailer, has offered its X5 Club loyalty programme members even more opportunities to earn and redeem points. X5 has signed up customers of almost all its businesses into a single points-earning and redemption system, with X5 Club now covering express delivery services from X5’s Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores, the media platform and the Mnogo Lososya sushi and sushi roll delivery service.

Thanks to a single points account, loyalty programme members can now earn and redeem points not only when shopping at Pyaterochka or Perekrestok stores but also when ordering ready-to-eat food from Mnogo Lososya. This option is only available to users of the Mnogo Lososya app.1 The Mnogo Lososya loyalty programme offers two tiers, with first-tier customers earning 0.5% cashback in points on their purchase order amount, and second-tier users rewarded with as much as 1.5% points-based cashback. Users that sign up to X5’s Paket subscription service receive 5% points-based cashback. Customers using an X5 Card also earn 5% cashback while benefitting from all the perks of the subscription service for free.

Express delivery services from Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chains are integrated into the loyalty programme with the same terms as those applicable to purchases in regular stores: customers can earn and redeem points across two loyalty tiers.

An active user of can earn 2,500 X5 Club points for posting their own recipe on the media platform.

Andrey Pisarev, X5 Group’s chief experience officer (CXO), commented:

“The X5 Club loyalty programme has become an umbrella for all X5 Group services. By leveraging an integrated platform, uniform rules and well-structured communication, we have made the entire range of X5 businesses easier to understand and access for our customers. This enables us to maximise what the Group can offer within a single customer journey. Our vision for a joint loyalty programme allows us to provide customers with a truly vast range of opportunities, a common intuitive environment to redeem the points they earn, and even more benefits and fun shopping in our stores and using our services.

For X5’s business, the expansion of a joint loyalty programme will drive new efficiency gains, create a highly tailored customer experience and offer better insights into customer needs and opportunities. We plan to further strategically develop the programme and sign up new partners to strengthen our offering for X5 customers.”

To take advantage of the loyalty programme, a user needs to log in to the app of any X5 retail chain or the Mnogo Lososya service using their X5 ID for the Group’s single identification system. An X5 Club loyalty card with a single loyalty points account will be downloaded automatically. New users can apply for a digital card via the loyalty programme website or the mobile apps of the Pyaterochka or Perekrestok retail chains.

The loyalty tier assigned to the customer depends on the total amount of their purchases and is updated monthly. Progress can be tracked in the user’s personal account on the website or in the Pyaterochka or Perekrestok apps. Points earned can be used to partially pay for purchases in the Mnogo Lososya app as well as in Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores. Points can be used to pay up to 50% of the purchase value in Mnogo Lososya (there is no limit to the number of points redeemed), up to 50% in Pyaterochka (points that can be redeemed in one purchase are capped at 2,000) and up to 30% in Perekrestok (points that can be redeemed in one purchase are capped at 3,000).

At present, more than 20 thousand X5 retail chain stores are connected to the X5 Club loyalty programme’s new processing engine. With over 71 million members, the loyalty programme’s penetration of sales has hit 78%. Active customers using a loyalty card spend up to two times more than active customers who do not use a loyalty card.

1 Customers with total monthly purchases from Pyaterochka, Perekrestok or Mnogo Lososya above RUB 5,000 in Russian regions and above RUB 8,000 in Moscow, the Moscow Region, St Petersburg, and the Leningrad Region. Points earning and redemption are not available yet to customers in Zelenograd, Korolyov and Rostov-on-Don.