Fighting Corruption

Policy on Countering Misconduct, Including Fraud and Corruption

Mutual respect and trust are at the heart of X5 stakeholder relations, built on the belief that all employees, contractors and third parties comply with the business ethics requirements and respect the Company’s legitimate interests on a voluntary and ongoing basis. X5 Retail Group embraces the philosophy of zero tolerance towards corruption, fraud and other offences. As a way to underpin a corporate culture built around this philosophy, the Company has approved a Policy on Countering Misconduct, Including Fraud and Corruption.

X5 Group encourages reports on breaches of the Policy on Countering Misconduct, including Fraud and Corruption, and urges parties to disclose suspected or existing abuses. The Company has dedicated feedback channels established for these disclosures.

CEO’s anti-corruption hotline

The CEO’s anti-corruption hotline provides an opportunity to schedule a personal meeting with Х5 Retail Group’s CEO and the heads of Pyaterochka and Perekrestok. Such meetings are initiated by suppliers of goods or services to X5 Retail Group’s legal entities, or those intending to enter into cooperation with the Group.

To schedule a meeting, the counterparty sends a request to, familiarises themselves with the rules, and fills in the contact form describing the situation that involves commercial bribery (or acting as an intermediary to a bribe), extortion, or other misconduct. Х5 provides full confidentiality and guarantees there will be no retaliation from the company’s employees for contacting the CEO’s anti-corruption hotline.

Head of Security’s hotline

The Head of Security’s hotline is designed for X5 employees, contractors and third parties who wish to report corruption, fraud, or other misconduct by employees of X5 Retail Group.

The Head of Security at X5 Retail Group can be contacted directly via a feedback form.